• Jan Todd

    Jan Todd

    Jan is a Legal Services Adviser in the Contracts and Conveyancing Team at South Lanarkshire Council. Jan main area of responsibility is providing advice to Social Work and she is also the depute monitoring officer for the South Lanarkshire Integrated Joint Board. Jan also gives advice on Contracts and Procurement to other Resources. Jan joined South Lanarkshire Council in 1996 after being with Strathclyde Regional Council for 3 years. Jan has been Chair of the Solar Community Care for over 10 years and is and has been a member of several other Solar groups including Procurement, Health and Social Care Integration and previously the Conveyancing group. When not working for South Lanarkshire Jan is also a part time Convener of Mental Health Tribunals, the convener of the Law Society’s Accreditation Panel for Mental Health Law and a member of the Law Society’s Mental Health and Disability Sub-committee.

  • Vlad Valiente

    Vlad Valiente

    Vlad is the Legal Services Manager at the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. Vlad took up the SOLAR post of Communications Officer in 2016 and became Vice President in 2018. He has worked for three Local Authorities (Moray, Aberdeenshire & Midlothian) which included the remits of Social Work, Education and Housing but now specialises in the areas of Legal Governance, Employment, Equalities and Human Rights, Enforcement and Information Governance. Vlad has been a SOLAR member since 2007 when he joined the Planning Working Group. In his free time he loves spending time with his baby Leonardo and wife Linsey and enjoys taking part in a variety of sports.

  • Kenny McKaig

    Kenny McKaig

    Kenny is the Legal Manager at Dundee City Council. Kenny has been active in SOLAR for over 20 years. He has been Secretary of SOLAR for the last two years. A Solicitor in local government for 27 years, he was the President of SOLAR in 2013. He has been the Legal Manager in Dundee City Council for the past five years and is an avid supporter of his home town's Premier League Team. His career in local government has been very varied from licensing and litigation to economic development. Presently, his team are helping secure the development of the Dundee Waterfront to improve the city's economic future.

  • Ken Graham

    Ken Graham

    Ken is the Head of Corporate Governance at Renfrewshire Council and has been the Council's monitoring officer for seven years. Ken was responsible for establishing the SOLAR Procurement Law Group and was its Chair until 2015 when he became SOLAR President. When away from the office Ken runs 10ks and has a keen interest in football and music.