SOLAR Executive Strategy 2017-2018

SOLAR’s communication strategy, developed in 2015-2016 has seen a shift toward Knowledge Hub as a means for our members to interact, share and store knowledge in a confidential and semi-confidential setting. Conversation threads and a library make the sharing of ideas and good practice on Knowledge Hub more fitting for our modern communication tools and ways of working. The Working Groups are transitioning to use of Knowledge Hub as a means of disseminating agendas and documents for meetings and refocusing members connection with the Society.  SOLARs website is now being considered a front facing online presence rather than a forum for members to interact.  SOLAR has now embraced social media in recognition of its shifting demograph and the need to utilise the best communication channels possible for our members.

SOLARs Twitter account can be followed @solarlocgov. SOLAR also now features on LinkedIn at SOLAR LOCGOV and continues to be receptive to new means of reaching our membership and partner organisations and stakeholders.

The Executive’s 2017-2018 strategy will continue the progress made so far on SOLAR’s communication strategy and in particular:

In addition, SOLAR Will maintain its commitment in seeking to influence legislation in areas of interest to our membership.